What does this answer to life mean anyway?

The strategy of sacrals (generators and manifesting generators) in this life is to respond to life. Wait to respond! Please wait for your reply.

Let me tell you right away that initiation is not for you.

We are in this world to do what we love! And how do we discover what we love? By answering! If something appears before us, we can respond. And at that moment we will also know if this is what we want to do now!

We can respond to anything – an invitation, a question, an advertisement, a picture – anything that we see in front of us at the moment.

But we are not here to answer with our mind, our answer comes from our sacral. It’s our gut feeling. You immediately feel that feeling in your stomach for a second, and then energy comes into your body.

In other words, if something comes your way to which your body reacts in this way, you will understand that it is a positive and “YES” answer.

As a side note, I will say that this works 100% if you are a sacral and your authority is also sacral. It works a little differently if you are, for example, a sacral with emotional authority instead.

I am sacral with sacral authority. I can always easily tell if the answer is “YES” or something else.

How do you know it’s a positive answer? For example, you immediately feel it as a so-called gut feeling, you feel that energy is coming into your body and you want to start acting immediately, you start to jump or clap your hands or say mmmm yes yes!!!

If you’ve experienced it once, it’s a very clear feeling and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

It is usually easy to understand what “NO” is, too. Often we immediately feel reluctance, heaviness or that huhhh feeling.

So what if you don’t feel a clear “YES” or a definite “NO” feeling? Then it’s still “NO”. At least for now, your body’s answer is “NO”. If there is not a clear “YES”, there is always a “NO”.

So, it’s not really difficult with sacral authority to know when the answer is ‘YES’ or ‘NO’, but rather it’s a question of whether we choose to act on what our body says.

What’s the worst thing that happens if we don’t listen to our bodies? When we embark on what our body said “NO” to, we begin to run out of energy. Our energy starts to decrease – eventually we get tired and can’t take it and we are frustrated and angry.

Why so? Because we are designed in such a way that we either are getting more energy or losing energy! When we do what we love and the moment our body gives us the green light in response, we are energized and we are powerhouses. However, if we do what the body says “NO” to, we begin to run out of energy.

Dear sacral, how do you feel about trying to answer life? Or are you already doing it? Share with me too!

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Kaire Vacker